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About Us

Founded in 1995, V.T. Laguyo Construction Inc. (VTLCI) is a Manila-based general contractor and construction management company. We specialize in commercial, light industrial, residential and tenant improvement construction. Our expertise ranges from pre-build services to the delivery of turn-key projects. Our integrity, craftsmanship and innovation have helped us gain a foothold in the highly competitive construction market in the Philippines. We have local knowledge and experience, having operational presence in the northern, central and southern Philippines. We have delivered projects in various sectors including: Industrial/Manufacturing, Technology and Communications, Commercial building`s, Residential, Education, Retail Shopping.

Our successful construction approach is based on effective project administration, accurate cost control, low overhead and employment of only qualified team members who share our goal in creating a quality cost-competitive project. We provide our clients with reliable and timely information throughout the construction process, ensuring well-informed decision making at every stage ultimately delivering results well above expectation. We are the right-size company to be nimble enough to react to the specific needs of our clients.


Astute project management, skilled workforce and competitive pricing have enabled VTLCI
to win contracts, even at the expense of bigger construction outfits. It has a pipeline of current and future projects and is constantly developing future opportunities.


VTLCI has a solid track record in the local construction industry. It has a list of over 70 clients, 70% of which come from the commercial/industrial sector and 30% in the private/residential space. Over the last 18 years, several of our projects have been repeat business opportunities.


Going forward, VTLCI shall continue to focus on highly developed commercial areas in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao; in particular, Metro Manila and its suburbs, Cebu and Davao. These areas have shown excellent economic growth in the past 10 years and are seen to be the major source of construction business for VTLCI.

Leveraging on the success of the construction arm, VTLCI embarks upon a new complementary business initiative. While this may be available through other businesses, we offer these as part of our service rather than as a stand-alone product or service.

Specialized materials

VTLCI imports specialized construction from overseas, which we will use on our own projects or on-sell to local customers. VTLCI recognizes the big demand for quality construction materials from builders and Do-It-Yourself renovators. VTLCI will maximize the market penetration by showcasing a wide variety of stock as well as ensuring that the import-delivery lines are quick and clear.

Work Safety Program
To date, VTLCI has zero casualties since its conception in 1995. We know that job site accidents can be avoided by adequate and regular safety training and making sure that personnel adhere to the safety policies.

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